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Police & Parapublic Training

KNO delivers police and parapublic mission training. This applies to client’s current and potential future missions. Our training covers the introduction of new equipment and technologies as well as to enhance and develop existing capabilities.

tactics, training and equipment integration to enhance policing capability

With extensive experience in both Police & Parapublic missions and equipment; including Police Helicopters, Fixed-Wing Aircraft, UAVs and Special Mission Vehicles, we deliver training in a variety of roles and specialisations,

Further with extensive experience of Air Operations, Specialist Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance we deliver Trainers and Training to our client’s home base for long or short term placements.

Additionally we run courses in the UK and Europe at our specialist training partner’s locations.

KNO has particular expertise in Command and Control and Air to Ground interaction and we provide training in all police roles, crew positions and logistics support in addition to providing scenario-based training opportunities.

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