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KNO Contracted to Deliver C130J Dynamic Motion Simulator Training to the Royal Danish Airforce

In July 2021 the first of the RDAF C130J integrated crews undertook their simulator recurrency training at RAF Brize Norton delivered by KNO flying instructors.

12 hours of Dynamic Motion Simulator training was delivered over 3 days and the crews underwent recurrency training in both Tactical and Strategic disciplines as well as undergoing technical ground school refresher lessons. The start of the training programme was delayed due to COVID 19 restrictions, but KNO will now deliver training to a steady flow of RDAF C130J crews.



March 2021 RBAF C130J Training

After completing full motion simulator training at RAF Brize Norton in the UK delivered by KNO’s C130J FI the team moved to Bahrain where they will be embedded into the RBAF to continue the training.

Within days of arriving in Bahrain the aircraft were flying on training missions with the view to the aircraft being used operationally within the coming weeks.



Dec 2020 KNO Awarded Royal Bahraini Air Force C130J Capability Growth Training Contract.

KNO are pleased to announce the award of the contract to assist the Royal Bahraini Air Force grow their capability in operating the C130J.

The project will deliver a broad scope of training from conversion to type to Strategic ops and in due course on to the challenging disciplines that enable Tactical operations of the aircraft.

February 2021 KNO Signs the Armed Forces Covenant.

KNO is proud to support those who serve and have served.

The KNO team comprises of former serving members of the UK Armed forces and Reservists and is proud to stand with the list of companies that have signed the Armed Forces Covenant.

January 2021 KNO are Delighted to Welcome to the Team Simon Hickey (Stickey).

After over 30 years service as a pilot in the Royal Air Force accumulating more than 9,000 flying hours including over 3,000 flying hours on the C130J, KNO are delighted to welcome Stickey to the team, he brings a wealth of flying training experience; with his last post in the RAF being a C130J Flying Instructor and Evaluator Pilot.

Stickey will be embedded into the Royal Bahraini Air Force C130J project and will head the KNO flying aspect to grow the capability of the Bahraini C130J Flight.

Sep 2020 KNO Completes Logistics Officer course

In september 2020 KNO Solutions is delighted to have completed the delivery of our Military Logistics Officer Course for a Gulf State Client. Training stated at our offices in Newcastle, then after one months due to the COVID 19 lockdown transitioned to remote video teaching.

The course content included; Supply Chain Management, Integrated Logistics Operations, Contractor Logistics Support and Third-Party Logistics, Accounting, Provisioning and Scale Calculations, Receipts, Issues, Despatch, Delivery and Kanban, Forward Stores, Modifications and Cannibalisation, Dangerous Goods, Fuels, Lubricants and Elastomerics, Priorities, Discrepancies and Disposal, Storage Techniques, Specialist Storage and Quarantine, Reverse Supply Chain.

Logistics Officer Training Continues Online

During the time of restricted travel and implementation of social distancing measures due to the COVID 19 pandemic KNO has continued to deliver Military logistics training via webinar.

Before the students had to return to their home country KNO started the process of implementing a system that would allow the training to continue online. The resourcefulness of the instructors ensured that the content could be delivered online without loss of quality to the training or delivered subject matter.

EWO MAROPS Desk Top Simulation Training

KNO are using Desk Top Trainers to enhance the Electronic Warfare Officer Course Marine Operations Module.

Each simulator gives the student experience in Radar Detection, Radar Targeting and Identification and Long-Range Camera Turret simulation.

KNO Utilises VR Technology to Deliver Electronic Warfare Training

KNO have engaged with a VR technology company to enhance the delivery of training on the Electronic Warfare Officer Course currently being delivered to a Middle East Airforce client.

Students can virtually fly the Battlespace and visualise Radar signatures, from the visual representation they are able to identify each Radar application.

KNO Opens Offices in Newcastle

KNO has opened a training facility in Newcastle Upon Tyne to deliver Military Logistics Officer Training with the first course starting mid-February 2020.

The training is being delivered over 28 weeks which includes periods of leave and will mirror the British Royal Air Force Logistics Officer course. The trainers are ex-RAF logistics officers with vast Military logistics experience including home base multi-engine, fast jet, rotary, bare base deployed operations and logistics officer training.

KNO Maintenance Test Pilot/First Flight Check Training

In Dec 2019 KNO delivered Maintenance Test Pilot/First Flight Check (MTP/FFC) Training to a Middle East client. In the first phase of the course a KNO EASA licensed engineer delivered training that will enable engineers to test ac components to ensure that they are within safe working limits.

In the second phase the KNO engineer was joined by a KNO MTP Flying Instructor and combined training of the clients engineers and pilots was delivered to ensure the flight safety of personnel and aircraft post maintenance.

KNO Contracted to Deliver Enhanced Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) Training

KNO is to deliver a 28-week Electronic Warfare course that will enable Military officers with no experience of Electronic Warfare to fill the post of an EWO on flying units.

The course will begin with a revision of the Mathematics and Physics academia required to understand the subject followed by module EW training to prepare officers to brief unit personnel on all aspects of Electronic Warfare. The course will have the capability to be tailored to prepare EWOs on Rotary, Fixed Wing and Fast Jet flying units.

KNO Survival Equipment team deliver Night Vision Goggle train the trainer training to Royal Air Force of Oman

KNO produced a learning programme that would enable trained RAFO SE instructors to deliver NVG maintenance training to their SE maintenance personnel. The final deliverable of the project was to provide Train The Trainer (TTT) Training to RAFO Air Force Technical College (AFTC) SE instructors.
The course was delivered at RAFO Musanah between 24 June – 5 July 2018 and qualified 21 SE technicians split into 2 groups.
Following the training each AFTC instructor was assessed during three practical sessions covering effective lesson planning, teaching strategies, informal and formal learning techniques and delivering differentiated instruction using available resources.

Bahrain ALSE Consultancy Visit Jan 2018

Continued ALSE support to Bahrain Police Aviation Wing Jan 2018.

KNO Solutions Survival Equipment Services Manager continued to support the Bahrain Police Aviation Wing Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) section. KNO Solutions ALSE Manager continues to support the Bahrain Police Aviation Wing through equipment and capability upgrades. The ALSE consultancy project is expected to continue well into the new year.

KNO partners with CMS Strategic to profile KNO Solutions services

During DSEI our PR and marketing partner CMS Strategic were busy co-ordinating media and journalist interviews which has resulted in KNO being featured on camera, in magazines and online journals such as Monch Publishing Group, http://www.monch.com/mpg/news/14-land/1997-dsei-2017-kno-solutions-broadening-international-footprint.html, Shephard Media, https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/training-simulation/kno-seeks-plug-training-gaps/, Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine, https://www.aero-mag.com/dsei-2017-defence-security-equipment-international-exhibition/, and for non-English speaking links Infodefensa.com, http://www.infodefensa.com/mundo/2017/08/30/noticia-firma-formacion-militar-solutions-estrena-feria-londres.html and the UAE Military and Strategic Journal Nation Shield with further coverage planned by other media groups in the near future.

Royal Air Force of OMAN Airspace Control Order and Air Tasking Order (ACO/ATO) Training

In May 2017 KNO ran a course in Lincoln for Air Ops staff and Air Traffic Controllers from the Omani Air Force to provide specialist Airspace training. The 2 week course was delivered by one of KNO’s ex Royal Air Force Air Control Centre trainers who had previously delivered similar training at the Royal Air Force for British Fighter Controllers working on the NATO AWAC Fleet. Oman like many other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries sees a growing multinational element to exercises and operations that it is involved in and is ensuring its Air Force is properly trained to enable Joint Operations in a safe and efficient manner. On completion of the course the Omani Air Force Officers were able to build complex airspace and disseminate details to numerous Air Forces in a standardised format.

KNO Solutions partners with AirBox Aerospace to provide enhanced Situational Awareness

KNO Solutions and Airbox Aerospace have partnered to provide enhanced situational awareness for forces in the Middle East and Africa. Airbox Aerospace is a specialist navigation provider offering enhanced mission capability and situational awareness solutions.

1) MOSAIC – A next generation mission support system for mobile operational support application designed for frontline and field-based professionals working with or without central co-ordination. It gathers all useful information for safe, fast, and accurate operations.

2) ACANS (Aviation Command Aircraft Navigation Systems) is a portable tablet-based system designed to improve a pilot’s knowledge of their environment whether at the planning, operational or debrief phase of a mission. ACANS is used by all UK police helicopters, all UK SAR aircraft, and over 90 per cent of the UK’s HEMS aircraft.

KNO Solutions launches new Facebook Page

KNO Solutions has launched its new Facebook Page to connect with our customers. Featuring news articles and recent developments in the company we connect with our customers with the latest developments in the company as well as providing a useful blog on KNO Solutions’ activities.

KNO Solutions UK headquarters has moved

KNO Headquarters in the UK has moved to our new facility in Shrewsbury.

Located conveniently in this picturesque town, known for its historical Tudor architecture, steep narrow streets and alleyways, and its medieval castle, Shrewsbury makes an ideal location to conduct Operations and Training for our clients.

Our new facility is within easy reach of Birmingham and Manchester airports, the M6 and M54 motorways, and has multiple good hotels and spas close by.

Inside our new state-of-the-art office we have meeting rooms, high speed internet access and video-conferencing available. Our clients can enjoy leisurely country and riverside walks around the facility during breaks and soak up the relaxed atmosphere. We look forward to welcoming you to Shrewsbury!

July 2020 KNO Completes EWO course

In July 2020 KNO Solutions is delighted to have completed the delivery of our Electronic Warfare Officer Course for a Gulf State Client. Training stated at our offices in Shrewsbury, then after 3 months due to the COVID 19 lockdown transitioned to remote video teaching.

With some excellent instructors and innovative course design we overcame the interesting challenges that remote learning has thrown up. The course included innovative VR and synthetic training which enhanced the learning experience of the students.

KNO Exhibiting at BIDEC 2019

KNO is exhibiting at BIDEC 28-30 October 2019. If you would like to talk about any of your Military or Police training requirements please visit us at stand VE 10.

Our Mission is to enhance operational capability and develop complete autonomy, working within a safe and sustainable self-governing air worthiness policy.

KNO Contracted to Deliver Logistics Officer Training

KNO is to deliver a 28-week Logistics Officer course that will enable Military officers with limited logistics experience to fill the post of a Logistics Officer on flying units.

The course will be delivered in modules and will prepare officers in all aspects of Military logistics on Rotary, Fixed Wing and Fast Jet flying units.

KNO Exhibiting at DSEI 2019

KNO is exhibiting at DSEI 10-13 September 2019. If you would like to talk about any of your Military or Police training requirements please visit our stand at N2-452 in the Aerospace Zone.

Our Mission is to enhance operational capability and develop complete autonomy, working within a safe and sustainable self-governing air worthiness policy.

Bahrain Police Aviation Wing Operational Capability Training January 2019

It is with a great sense of pride and a small touch of sadness that this week KNO Solutions has come to the natural end of its full time placement of flying instructors with the Bahrain Police Air Wing. As our 2 QHIs, QHCI and Safety Equipment technician trainers leave Bahrain to new assignments we are delighted to have been involved in the development of the significant Capabilities that the Police Air Wing now posses. From advanced SAR techniques to Fast Roping, we leave the Air Wing in excellent shape.

The Mission was to enhance the operational capability and develop complete autonomy, working within a safe and sustainable self-governing air worthiness policy, that has been done in spades! We look forward to working together in the future on smaller specialist projects as required.

Bahrain Police Aviation Wing Operational Capability Training October 2018

October 2018 saw the second anniversary of the KNO Solutions placement of an embedded Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter Flying Instructor (FI) with the Bahrain Police Aviation Wing. 

Originally set as a two-year contract the MOI has requested that KNO remain as the primary flying training deliverer for at least the next quarter to see through the operational capability and ensure that the Police aviation Wing is able to work in complete autonomy, within a safe and sustainable self-governing air worthiness policy

Bambi Bucket Fire Suppression System Training Feb 2018

KNO Solutions SE Services Manager completes Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Bambi Bucket fire suppression system maintenance training.

The Bambi Bucket is an essential tool for the delivery of fire suppression to isolated areas that can be hard to reach for conventional fire fighting assets. Mike has undertaken comprehensive and certificated maintenance and repair training that will enable him not only to service and repair the complete inventory of Bambi Bucket products but also train SE technicians in the equipment maintenance and repair.

Extremely Successful DSEI 2017 Exhibition 12-15 September

The KNO stand was visited by numerous official delegations enquiring into our services and capabilities which have resulted in confirmed invitations to meet and tender for specific specialised training needs. A number of these meetings confirmed that the gap between hardware provision and operational output is growing and that the training required to unlock full capability can only be provided by specialist training companies such as KNO Solutions. End users are becoming increasingly frustrated by the OEMs inability to offer full operational training which is not always apparent during the procurement process. KNO managers were also able to engage with OEMs exhibiting at DSEI to explore the possibility of collaboration and discus the mutual benefits that could be gained by KNO delivering specialist training to OEM customers. Those discussions have resulted in the signing of Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) quickly followed by Requests for Information (RFI) and Invitations to Tender (ITT).

NVG Maintenance Course Design and Development

In June 2017 KNO delivered the Syllabus, Instructor Specification and Courseware for a bespoke, 48 period NVG maintenance course for the Air Force Technical College, Royal Air Force of Oman (AFTC RAFO), in accordance with the OEM technical manuals and following the UK Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) model. Once KNO subject matter experts have familiarised AFTC staff with the project deliverables, the course will be delivered by AFTC RAFO technical instructors as part of the initial Safety Equipment Training syllabus for all new trainees. It will also form a post graduate qualification delivered to experienced technicians to broaden their capability. This new technical support capability will enable RAFO SE Technicians to maintain NVGs at specified.

Ministry of Interior FLIR Camera Training

In April 2017 KNO completed another advance thermal camera course to a MOI Air Wing Client in the Gulf Region. A number of these 1 week courses are run each year, with 4 Tactical Observers being qualified each time, the same client is also receiving Search and Rescue training as well as planned capability growth with the introduction of Night Vision Goggle flying for its aircrew. The thermal camera course is run by one of KNO’s trainers who, as a 30 year veteran of the British police was responsible for designing the ground breaking training system employed by the UK National Police Aviation Service.

KNO Solutions completes Life-raft and NVG Training for the Royal Oman Air Force

KNO solutions are delighted to have completed LifeRaft and NVG Training for the RAFO. The training was conducted by KNO specialists in Seeb and at other RAFO airbases. The training consisted of:

1) LifeRaft maintenance and operation

2) Night Vision Goggle operation and support

The training was well received by the RAFO and shall enhance mission performance for this esteemed customer.

KNO Solutions to Exhibit at IDEX 2017 in Abu Dhabi

KNO Solutions shall be exhibiting at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference, IDEX, in Abu Dhabi between the 19 – 23rd February 2017. IDEX is the most strategically important tri-service defence exhibition in the world and the largest defence exhibition and conference in the MENA region. It shall present tri-services technology and services across land, sea and air sectors of defence.

KNO and its strategic partners shall be demonstrating capabilities to clients in Mission Enhancement, Command & Control, Defence Training & Operations, Security and Military Partnership.

We look forward to meeting you at this important event.

KNO Defence Training Academy provides C-130 Aircrew Training

KNO Defence Training Academy now provides world-class Specialist and Refresher Training to military operators of all models of the C-130 / L-100.
Our ex-RAF and ex-Special Forces aircrew and engineers have over twenty years of experience training RAF and Active Duty Aircrews.

KNO can train at your Unit, or where ever you choose to be. Our major objective is to assist you to accomplish the Air Force Mission Safely and Effectively. We provide specialist training across Aircraft Systems, Safety & Air Traffic procedures, Emergency procedures and all aspects of aircraft operation,

KNO C-130 Aircrew & Maintenance Mission Training Brochure

KNO is Proud to Support Moving Mountains Charity in Nepal

KNO is proud to sponsor UK medical professionals and Bristol medical students traveling to the rural areas of Bupsa and Bumburi in Nepal to assist in the vital care that the Moving Mountains Charity’s Medical Camps deliver to the local communities.
The isolated nature of the villages meant that before the charity intervened the villagers had to walk for days to access trained medical care and if they managed to survive this journey the cost of procedures would be enough to financially cripple them and their families.
This year, as well as continuing to raise money to fund indigenous medical staff and lifesaving medications, the charity hopes to purchase a portable ultrasound which will allow the medical staff to identify high risk pregnancies and help the mothers receive lifesaving treatment for them and their child. The treatment is only made possible by using Sherpas to carry the medical equipment and supplies up the narrow mountain paths to the villages, accessing some remote mountain villages can take around 3 days.
The charity relies solely on the generous donations from sponsors and any amount no matter how small is greatly appreciated. All the money received goes towards the improvement of medical and educational services. All costs for flights, transport, accommodation, food and day to day living expenses are payed for by the volunteers separately.

DSEI 2019

KNO Solutions Confirms its Attendance at DSEI 2019
After the success of DSEI 2017 we had no hesitation in securing space at DSEI 2019. For 2019 we have increased our footprint and will be exhibiting in the Air Zone on the main isle. We will be showcasing new services and innovative ways KNO Solutions will be able to assist the Defence and Security Sector with all their training needs. Thank you to Adam Elkins of Clarion Event for engaging with our team to make this possible.

Royal Air Force of Oman Bell 429 Emergency Flotation and Life Raft System Maintenance Training

Royal Air Force of Oman Bell 429 Emergency Flotation and Life Raft System Maintenance Training.

In March 2018 KNO Solutions was pleased to host RAFO Safety Equipment (SE) technicians for Bell 429 Emergency Flotation and Life Raft System Maintenance Training. The seven days training was co-ordinated and supervised by the KNO SE Services Manger at a training venue in France. The venue location was chosen by the client, this did not present any difficulties as KNO are adept at providing training in the global environment.

Aircraft Post Crash Management Course Feb 2018

RAFO Senior Officers from their Air Traffic and Op Support Branches complete the KNO Aircraft Post Crash Management Course.

The training gives them the essential skills required to Contain, Control and Coordinate the scene of an aviation incident, as well an insight into Flight Safety and Air Accident Investigation. The course is delivered using a number of speakers and instructors who have previously taught these disciplines to the British Military. The bespoke course was well received with opportunities to visit Oman and deliver a version of the course to a wider audience now being planned.

Anniversary of Embedded SAR FI

October 2017 is the first anniversary of the KNO Solutions placement of an embedded Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter Flying Instructor (FI) with a Middle East Ministry of Interior. As an ex Royal Air Force SAR FI Ryan is highly qualified and is responsible for the coordination of training support for pilots and crewmen including identification of training areas, pilot ground school, pilot recurrent training, SAR and tactical flying training, support to crewman training and coordinating crewman English language training.

Bahrain ALSE Training

Continued ALSE support to Bahrain Police Aviation Wing November 2017.

KNO Solutions Survival Equipment Services Manager continued to support the Bahrain Police Aviation Wing Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) section. Priority was given to the development of scheduled maintenance and post flight procedures for in use ALSE equipment, a challenging task considering the harsh operational environment. Local procedures were authored and training was conducted on post flight inspection and overhaul of rescue equipment.

SAR Liferaft Maintenance Training

July saw the completion of the next phase of the Royal Air Force of Oman Search and Rescue liferaft servicing and maintenance training. The SAR Liferaft is an air asset that that can be deployed from either multi-engine fixed wing or rotary aircraft. The liferaft’s descent speed is controlled by a drogue parachute and the liferaft automatically inflates on contact with the water giving persons in the water a platform to on which to survive whilst they wait for rescue by SAR aircraft or surface vessels.

The training will enable RAFO safety equipment technicians to service and maintain the liferafts in accordance with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) technical Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) and the equipment will be maintained under RAFO’s Military Regulatory Publications (MRP) and in accordance with their safety assurance procedures.

In addition to the personal development of the SE technician the training enhances RAFO’s suitably qualified and experienced personnel allowing the quality management system to assess competency in accordance with the authorities’ regulatory articles. The training will reduce the time the equipment is off line, reduce logistics cost and the logistics burden of transporting the equipment to the OEM, enhances overall control of the maintenance task and will enable RAFO to develop their own operational maintenance policy.

MOI ALSE Consultancy and Audit

Early in March 2017 KNO completed an in country initial assessment of the equipment requirements for a Middle East Ministry of Interior client to conduct Search and Rescue operations. The visit was the first phase of a consultancy and periodic audit contract. KNO will continue support the client through it’s Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) uplift programme and auditing process until full self-sufficiency in their ALSE capability is reached.

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