NVG Life Raft and Survival Equipment Maintenance and Repair Training

KNO Survival Equipment (SE) servicing, maintenance and repair training team including NVG deliver complete mission support for Operations and Training. The training team deliver both Aircrew Equipment Assemblies and Survival Equipment training

the capability to dramatically enhance your mission support including safety equipment NVG and life raft maintenance training

KNO delivers training to unlock the capability of new equipment as well as enhancing our customers’ existing systems for all Survival Equipment including NVG.

We offer a wide range of training on-site as well as embedded long-term training and support teams.

We deliver bespoke training for clients at a number of locations in the UK, Europe and at the clients home location and provide instructor training in a variety support functions including all survival Equipment, NVG and life raft Maintenance training.

KNO is able to provide training in all aviation support roles including:

  • Life Rafts
  • NVG
  • Heli Emergency Flotation Systems
  • Bambi Bucket
  • SAR Role Safety Equipment
  • Flying Helmets and Flying Clothing
  • Survival Equipment
  • Assurance Proses and Air Worthiness Authority Consultancy
  • Capability Enhancement and New Equipment Provision Advice

KNO offers support equipment training in existing capability and advice on how to enhance capability and operational effectiveness through either equipment procurement or service provision.

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