Military Flying Training Solutions

Military Flying Training utilising Ex Military and MOD Central Flying School instructors to deliver bespoke EASA certified ab initio and advanced pilot training to Military and Police organisations. Military Pilot and Crewman training that enhances capability.

Ab initio training for Military and Police pilots using our aircraft at our EASA Certified Flying Training School in the UK Utilising Ex CFS Instructors

KNO delivers Military Flying Training to unlock the capability of new equipment as well as enhancing our customers’ existing systems.

We offer a wide range of Military Flying Training at our EASA Certified facility in the UK as well as embedded long-term training and support teams.

We deliver bespoke training for clients at a number of locations in the UK and provide instructor training in a variety of flying disciplines utilising personnel trained at the prestigious Central Flying School (CFS).

KNO is able to provide Milititary Flying Training for:

  • Ab Initio Student Basic and Advanced
  • Flying Instructor
  • Maintenance Test Pilot
  • Airworthiness and engineering air safety

We also Train Military Crewmen from Basic to Advanced.

KNO offers training support in existing capability and advice on how to enhance capability and operational effectiveness through either equipment procurement or service provision.

We deliver Milititary Flying Training in all aviation roles including:

  • Rotary Wing
  • Fixed Wing
  • Multi-Engine
  • Fast Jet


 Our Air Mission Solutions page covers the role training we deliver.

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